2009 ARRL September VHF QSO Party

20 Logs Received

Published 2010-09-10

I only had logs from K7HPT, KG7P, N6KW, N7EPD, and W7CE for this contest, since it occured before I assumed the Contest Chair duties. The scores and information on the other entrants is from the ARRL Score Database for the contest. For this reason, information is not complete. There are no 'Band' Award listings, and no listing of 'PNW Grids Worked' for most entrants. I won't count this contest in the annual 'PNW Grids' tabulations. - N6KW



ARRL Section






Rover Grids Activated

Grids Activated

PNW Grids Worked













see below
VE7IY20246BCMulti-Unlimited--30738253------see below
W7CE/R9953WWARover-LimitedABD232269376see below13W7CE
K7JX9243WWASingle-Op High--19423739--------
K7ND7437WWASingle-Op High--10220137--------
N7EPD6125WWASingle-Op HighABCDEFGHI11817535--CN8711N7EPD
K7CW4644WWASingle-Op High--12912936--------
KI7JA2800ORSingle-Op High--718035--------
KD7UO2697WWASingle-Op Low--829329--------
N6KW2208WWASingle-Op HighABD959623--CN8713N6KW
KG7P/R*1380SFRoverABD5869205see below0KG7P
N7XB893ORSingle-Op Portable--454719--------
W7MEM805IDSingle-Op High--293523--------
K7HPT798ORMulti-LimitedABDF294219--DN057K7HPT W7OE
WB7FJG370WWASingle-Op Low--363710--------
K7HSJ90ORSingle-Op Low--12185--------
K7AWB65EWASingle-Op Low--10135--------
K6UM48ORSingle-Op Low--886--------
VE7JRX18BCSingle-Op Low--563--------
VE7IHL8BCSingle-Op Portable--442--------

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 222 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1.2 GHz, G - 2.3 GHz, H - 3.4 GHz, I - 5.7 GHz, J - 10 GHz, L - 300+ GHz

Certificates will be presented at the PNWVHFS Conference in October 2010
Multi-Unlimited: VE7IY-BC
Multi-Limited: K7HPT-OR
Single-Op High Power: W7MEM-ID, KI7JA-OR, K7JX-WWA
Single-Op Low Power: K7AWB-EWA, K7HSJ-OR, KD7UO-WWA
Single-Op QRP Portable: VE7IHL-BC, N7XB-OR
Limited Rover: W7CE/R

ARRL RESULTS from QST and arrl.org
W7CE/R made the Top Ten, placing number 7 in Limited Rover, FIRST PLACE in West Coast Region, FIRST PLACE in Northwestern Division, Limited Rover
K7JX THIRD PLACE in West Coast Region, FIRST PLACE in Northwestern Division, Single-Op High Power
K7ND FOURTH PLACE in West Coast Region, Single-Op High Power
N7XB FIRST  PLACE in West Coast Region and Northwestern Division, Single-Op QRP Portable
K7HPT FIFTH PLACE in West Coast Region, FIRST PLACE in Northwestern Division, Limited Multioperator
VE7IY SECOND PLACE in West Coast Region, Multioperator
KD7UO FIRST PLACE in Northwestern Division, Single-Op Low Power
K5QE FIRST PLACE in West Gulf Division, Multioperator
PNWVHFS placed 16th by Score, 7th by Logs Submitted, Medium Clubs


K5QE Multi-Unlimited - STX. Operators: K5MQ, KN5O, K5AIH, NM5M, N5NU, KE5EXX, KE5GAQ

VE7IY Multi-Unlimited - BC. Operators: VA7AJK, VE7DAY, VE7DXG

W7CE/R Rover-Limited - WWA. Grids Activated: CN76, CN77, CN86, CN87, CN96, CN97

KG7P/R Rover - SF. Grids Activated: CM87, CM88, CM89, CM98, CM99
Family matters took me to CM88 on the Contest weekend. What to do, I know, ROVE. First Rover operation but not the last.