2010 ARRL June VHF QSO Party

26 Logs Received

Revised 2010-09-09



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Rover Grids Activated

Grids Activated

PNW Grids Worked













see below
N6EQ�245960ORGSingle-Op HighABCDFJ7548602860DM1411N6EQ
VA7ISL107744BCMulti-UnlimitedABCDEFGJ5637281480CN8826see below
K7VHF54940WWAMulti-UnlimitedABCDEFGHI3144101340CN8720see below
K7CW51793WWASingle-Op HighAB3433431510CN8722K7CW
W7CE47109WWASingle-Op HighABCDEF3043831230CN8722W7CE
K7HPT/R18492EWARoverABCDF210276677see below18K7HPT W7OE
KI7JA/714784ORSingle-Op HighABCDF132154960DN0318KI7JA
K6EL*7965SVSingle-Op LowABDE108135590CM994K6EL
N7EPD7049WWASingle-Op LowABCD115133530CN7814N7EPD
KD7UO6068WWASingle-Op LowABDF124148410CN8712KD7UO
KB7ME*5642SFSingle-Op HighABCD8591620CN719KB7ME
N6KW4508WWASingle-Op HighABD9698460CN8714N6KW
KG7P4128WWASingle-Op LowABCDEF87129320CN8710KG7P
N7DB**2912ORSingle-Op HighABCD8491320CN8512N7DB
KF7CQ2860IDSingle-Op HighABDF5565440DN136KF7CQ
K7WA2704WWASingle-Op LowABCD94104260CN8711K7WA
N7EIE/R2332WWARover-LimitedABD91106228see below6N7EIE W7QM
VE7IHL2112BCMulti-LimitedABCD8596220CN899VE7IHL VE7WEB
W6LLP1456EWASingle-Op LowABCD4152280DN178W6LLP
K7HSJ960ORSingle-Op LowABCDEF3648200CN947K7HSJ
K7WIA572WWASingle-Op HighA2626220CN872K7WIA
W7AMI250IDSingle-Op HighBD1425100DN135W7AMI
W7MY204EWASingle-Op HighABC1417120DN067W7MY
VE7JRX36BCSingle-Op LowBCD7940CN892VE7JRX

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = non-member of PNWVHFS. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 222 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1.2 GHz, G - 2.3 GHz, H - 3.4 GHz, I - 5.7 GHz, J - 10 GHz, L - 300+ GHz


Certificates will be presented at the PNWVHFS Conference in October.

Multi-Unlimited: VA7ISL-BC, K7VHF-WWA
Multi-Limited: VE7IHL-BC, K7AWB-EWA
Single-Op High Power: W7MY-EWA, KF7CQ-ID, KI7JA/7-OR, K7CW-WWA
Single-Op Low Power: VE7JRX-BC, W6LLP-EWA, K7HSJ-OR, N7EPD-WWA
Single-Op Bands: K7CW-50, W7CE-144, 222, 432, 902, 1.2
Rover: K7HPT/R
Limited Rover: N7EIE/R

ARRL RESULTS from QST and arrl.org

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K5QE Multi-Unlimited EM31. Operators: K5QE, K5AIH, K5MQ, K9PW, W9RM, AF8Z, W�UN, KE5EXX, KE5GAQ, N5NU, N5UM
Great conditions on 6M, we had a great run on Es on 2M.  The moon was very uncooperative...rose too early and was too close to the sun. The 6M score looks great....However, K5TR made 1898 QSOs on 6M.  He has less mults that I do, so I have the highest number of mults ever made in a single coontest and I have the highest SCORE ever made on 6M, but I really wanted the highest number of QSOs......The performance of the rest of the bands was pretty bad.  Clearly, we will have to make improvements......HI...
I feel pretty certain that K5TR and I are the only stations that have ever made over 1800 QSOs in a contest.....maybe there is another lurker out there, but I sort of doubt it.....

VA7ISL Multi-Unlimited CN88. Operators: VE7DAY, VE7DXG, VE7JOX

K7VHF Multi-Unlimited CN87. Operators: N7NW, K7ND, KE7SW

K7HPT/Rover DN05, DN06, DN16, DN17, DN18, DN08, DN07
John and I had a great time working the contest. We covered a lot of ground, 648 miles of it! We worked from 7 grids. I also spotted some great areas for September (if the snow melts). We made it within 2 miles of DN15 but were stopped at 6000 feet and a 20 foot wall of snow that had slid onto the road.

KI7JA/Portable DN03

Incredible openings on 6m.  Even with the difficulties I had operating portable, this was a fun  contest.  With the double hop to the East Coast even into late night, the propagation finally came alive.  The highlight of the contest was working W7CE and WA7TZY on 1296 at distances of 286 and 317 miles respectively.  This was a lot of fun.

K6EL Single-Op Low CM99
Noisy conditions and poor 2m prop created a real challange. Not much worked over 200 miles on 2m but 2 new grids, DN01 and DN03. New antennas here improved my results despite the conditions or lack of stations. 6m openings were sparse but productive adding several multipliers.

K7AWB Multi-Limited DN17
FT-736R for 222 MHz failed night before contest;first time for Palstar Commander VHF-144 amplifier as high power category;

KB7ME/Portable CN71
Portable in Grid CN71, six meter prop poor!

N7EIE/Rover CN87, CN88, CN78, CN77, CN76, CN86, CN97, CN96
Great contest both days. We drove all the way around the WA Olympic Peninsula Saturday, and I drove to the NE corner of Mt. Rainier Sunday. 8 grids activated is fine. Had a lot of fun. CU next year!

VE7IHL Multi-Limited CN89
Operated from Seymour Mountain with Brian VE7WEB. First attempt at doing a Multi-Op Contest.

K7HSJ Single-Op Low CN94
First time in 50 years I have had no Sporadic E on 50 MHz. Very disappointing.