2010 ARRL September VHF QSO Party

22 Logs Received

Revised 2011-04-19



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Rover Grids Activated

Grids Activated

PNW Grids Worked













see below
N7EPD17710WWASingle-Op HighABCDEFGHI19732255--CN8716N7EPD
VA7ISL17004BCMulti-UnlimitedABCD24132752--CN8820see below
K7HPT/R7038EWARoverABCD1181534610see below15see below
KB7ME5200ORSingle-Op HighABCDF7610450--CN9214KB7ME
N6ZE/R5016WWALimited RoverABCD157209243see below9N6ZE
KI7JA4752ORSingle-Op HighABCDF8813236--CN8514KI7JA
K7ND3220WWASingle-Op HighABCDEFGHI5211528--CN8710K7ND
K7AWB3150EWASingle-Op HighABCD779035--DN1718K7AWB
WE7X2688WWASingle-Op PortableABCD8711224--CN979WE7X
KG7P1880WWASingle-Op LowABCDEF669420--CN877KG7P
K7CW1633WWASingle-Op HighAB717123--CN8713K7CW
KD7UO1534WWASingle-Op LowABD525926--CN9715KD7UO
VE7IHL990BCSingle-Op PortableABCD525518--CN8910VE7IHL
W7RDP960WWASingle-Op PortableABD536415--CN9710W7RDP
N7DB**784ORSingle-Op HighABCD495614--CN858N7DB
K7HSJ390ORSingle-Op LowABCDEF213013--CN945K7HSJ
VE7DAY280BCSingle-Op LowABD172014--CO706VE7DAY
VE7BQQ/R66BCLimited RoverBCD71163see below1VE7BQQ
KL7YK*60AKSingle-Op LowABCDE6106--BP51--KL7YK
KL7AIR�45AKSingle-Op LowABCDE595--BP51--NL7WW

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = non-member of PNWVHFS. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 222 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1.2 GHz, G - 2.3 GHz, H - 3.4 GHz, I - 5.7 GHz, J - 10 GHz, L - 300+ GHz

Certificates will be presented at the PNWVHFS Conference in October 2011
Multi-Unlimited: VA7ISL-BC
Single-Op High Power: K7AWB-EWA, KB7ME-OR,
Single-Op Low Power: VE7DAY-BC, K7HSJ-OR, KG7P-WWA
Single-Op QRP Portable: VE7IHL-BC, WE7X-WWA
Limited Rover: VE7BQQ/R-Canada, N6ZE/R-Northwestern
Rover: K7HPT/R-Northwestern
Single-Op Bands: N7EPD - 6M, 2M, 222, 432, 902, 1.2, 2.3; K7ND - 3.4, 5.7

ARRL RESULTS from QST and arrl.org
from March 2011 QST
QRP Portable #6 Overall, #3 West Coast: W7RDP-WWA
Multioperator #4 Overall, #2 Midwest: K5QE-STX
Limited Multioperator #10 Overall, #1 West Coast: VA7ISL-BC
Limited Rover #2 Overall, #2 West Coast: N6ZE/R-WWA
Multioperator, #3 West Coast: WA6KLK
Single-Operator High Power, #1 West Coast: N7EPD-WWA
Single-Operator High Power, #3 West Coast: W7MEM-ID
Single-Operator High Power, #4 West Coast: W7FI-WWA
Single-Operator High Power, #5 West Coast: KB7ME-OR
Limited Rover, #4 West Coast: K7TM-ID


K5QE Multi-Unlimited - STX - EM31. Operators: K5QE, K5MQ, NM5M, N5KDA, W5KDA, N1XS, K5AIH

3 PNW Grids Worked: CN88, DN17, DN22
Conditions were very poor.  Murphy got two of our 2M stacks and the 2304 and 3456 microwave stations.  Our only bright spot was 2M EME.  We worked a lot of grids off the moon.  We also got several on 432 EME.

VA7ISL Multi-Limited - BC - CN88. Operators: VA7GMR, VE7DXG, VE7SLZ

K7HPT/R Rover - EWA - 10 Grids Activated: CN87, CN88, CN96, CN97, DN05, DN06, DN07, DN15, DN16, DN17.
Operators: K7HPT, W7OE.

N6ZE/R Limited Rover - WWA - 3 Grids Activated: CN87, CN88, CN97.

My Western Washington Section rove, was primarily on Whidbey Island (CN87/88)(thE -WHIDBEY ISLAND ROVER�) and secondarily from CN97 near North Bend, WA. I noted substantial activity from the Seattle, WA area during the entire contest.  I operated for just under 1 hour from CN97 late on Sunday afternoon and made 26 QSOs. I operated from several locations on Whidbey Island separated by a maximum of 9.6 mi/15.49 km. (I currently do not have the ability to set up a permanent  station on Whidbey Island so I make the best of what the Rover category permits!) On 2 meters, I worked all grids from CN84 > CN89 and CN97 > CN99. The only large contest station noted was VA7ISL mountaintopping in CN88 on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. This was the first time I utilized 223.5MHz FM during an ARRL SS or VHF QSO Party from WWA: 17 QSOs in 4 grids resulted. Next time, I hope to have 135cm SSB/CW available. On late Sunday afternoon and early evening, many contest participants were still on the air. For comparison, during the 2008 Sept. ARRL VHF QSO Party, I heard/worked nil after 5 PM. Equipment:  FT857D and utilized a combo oF - wave whip on 6m; A - wave whip, KQ Mini-Loop,  7 el Cushcraft  yagi on 2m ; Kenwood TM231 +  � wave vertical & 6 el �VJB yagi on 223.5 MHz FM;  FT857D + 3/8 wave whip & 11 element M>2 yagi for 70cm.

KI7JA Single-Op High Power - OR - CN85
Not much participation this year. I did work two new grids on 2M, though.

KD7UO Single-Op Low Power - WWA - CN97
Well, it was a disaster.  And I look forward to the Sept contest more than all the others - usually a great chance for a nice camping weekend on a mountain.  Got to Lion Rock at 9am, had the 6,2,432,1296 antennas all set up and ready to go at 11.  And it started out great.  I was working DN grids that I've never worked before.  And then...at 2pm my rig quit.  Turns out FT897s of my vintage had bad IF filters that go out around 2 years old.  I had s9 static crashes on all bands all modes even without the antenna connected.  Then it just went into DSB; the few strong stations I could hear were now coming in on both USB and LSB.  So I broke camp and came home Sat afternoon.  Some google searches on Sunday revealed the Yaesu problem.  I guess the parts are cheap if I do it myself.  It involves a bit of SMD work which I don't like but I've done in the past.  And being cheap I'll attempt the repair myself rather than sending $200 and waiting weeks for Yaesu to do it.  Oh well, there's always the January contest!  Attached is my log, as meager as it is.

W7RDP Single-Op QRP Portable - WWA - CN97
Operated from Suntop Fire Lookout 7 miles north of Mt. Rainer, 5280' ASL.  Used a FT 817, 10AHr gel cell with 10W solar panel, Parr stressed 6m Moxon, Arrow 2m 3el yagi, and Arrow 70cm 7el yagi

VE7BQQ/R Limited Rover - BC - 3 Grids Activated: CN79, CN88, CN89.

KL7AIR Single-Op Low Power - AK - BP51. Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society, Elmendorf Air Force Base.