2020 CQ WW VHF Contest

36 Logs Received

Posted 2020-08-14
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K5QE * 124,659 TX Multi-Op AB 411 539 243 EM31 6
N7NW 23,183 WA SOAB AB 212 239 97 CN87 20
W7FI 19,980 WA SOAB AB 239 270 74 CN87 18
K7CW 19,760 WA SOSB A 240 240 80 CN87 21
K7BWH *** 19,100 WA Checklog A 190 191 100 see notes below 20
AL1VE 12,870 OR SOSB A 142 142 90 DN02 17
KE7SW 9,751 WA SOAB AB 155 199 49 CN87 14
KB7ME 8,892 WA SOAB AB 150 167 52 CN85 14
VE7DAY 6,670 BC SOAB AB 113 115 58 CO70 11
K7YDL 5,628 OR SOAB AB 107 137 42 CN85 17
K6UM 4,840 OR SOSB A 121 121 40 CN85 6
KE7MSU/R 3,690 OR Rover AB 93 124 23 2 see notes below 10
N7QOZ 3,072 WA SOAB AB 85 128 25 CN87 12
KX7L 3,040 WA SOAB AB 83 95 32 CN87 11
KE0CO 2,700 WA SOAB AB 74 90 30 CN87 13
WA7BRL 2,576 WA SOSB A 92 92 28 CN87 8
KG7P 2,125 WA SOAB AB 69 85 25 CN87 9
KG0D 2,100 WA SOAB AB 77 98 26 CN88 11
K7III 1,691 WA SOAB AB 79 88 19 CN87 5
K7JSG/R 1,008 WA Rover AB 54 72 13 2 see notes below 6
W7TZ 936 OR SOSB A 36 36 26 CN83 5
K7ND 888 WA SOSB B 37 74 12 CN87 11
KM7O 884 WA SOAB AB 51 68 13 CN87 4
N7CS 720 WA SOAB AB 44 48 15 CN88 5
VE7AFZ/R 611 BC Checklog AB 39 47 12 1 see notes below 6
WV7S 416 WA SOSB A 32 32 13 CN87 7
N7DB 330 OR SOAB AB 20 30 11 CN85 5
N7PHY 256 WA SOSB B 16 32 8 CN98 8
W6ABM 180 OR SOSB A 15 15 12 CN82 4
WA6EJO * 168 CA SOAB AB 15 24 7 DM04 0
VE7HR 144 BC SOAB AB 11 18 8 CN89 4
K7ATN 15 OR Hilltopper AB 3 5 3 CN95 2
K7IMA 15 OR Hilltopper AB 3 5 3 CN95 2
K3RW 12 WA Checklog A 6 6 2 1 CN85 1
N6ZE/R * 8 CA Rover B 2 4 2 2 see notes below 0

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
*** = Check log. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates at the next PNWVHFS Conference
Hilltopper: K7IMA & K7ATN-OR
Single-Op All Band: VE7DAY-BC, K7YDL-OR, N7NW-WA
Single-Op QRP: N7DB-OR
Single-Op Single Band 50 MHz: AL1VE-OR, K7CW-WA
Single-Op Single Band 144 MHz: K7ND-WA

Additional Information

K5QE Multi-Op EM31: Operators K5QE, N5YA, N1XS, AF8Z

KB7ME SOAB WA CN85: All Digi contest for me. Never made a FM/CW/SSB Qso.

K7YDL SOAB OR CN85: Tried using only FT8 this contest

KE7MSU/R Rover OR: Activated: CN84, CN85 Worked PNW Grids: CN74, CN84, CN85, CN86, CN87, CN93, CN94, CN95, CN96, CN98

KX7Y SOAB WA CN87: Wow! Lots of fun. Was 6m ever not open during the contest? Unfortunately I had other obligations, but still managed a decent (for me) score, and a new grid or two. Biggest surprise was working WR7X in DN15 (tropo?). Nice solid opening to SoCal on Sunday. I tried to follow the conventional wisdom, and went to SSB when signals got strong. Worked a few, but seems like most folk stayed on FT8.

K7JSG/R Rover WA: Activated: CN87 CN97 Worked PNW Grids:CN86 CN87 CN88 CN97 CN98 DN16

VE7AFZ/R Rover OR: Activated: CO80 Worked PNW Grids CN74 CN86 CN87 CN88 CN89 CO70

N6ZE/R Rover CA: Activated: CN82, CM99: All 6m QSOs worked on 2m 5/8s mobile whip, mag mounted and 20w. Heard no FT4 during During drive in R/V thru OR & CA on Interstate Route I-5, I called "CQ" from roadside rest areas only due to safety concerns on attempting QSOs while in motion in an unstable vehicle. (We drove 8 hours each day over bumpy roads with construction & heavy traffic.) In CN-82, I worked old friend, Paul, W7FS/NS6V, formerly of DM-04, who now lives in Grants Pass, OR. From CM-99, I made a QSO with WC6J/6 (CM-89). I called "CQ" from grids CN83, CN82, CN80, CM99, CM98, & CM97. I heard no other stations on 6 meters or 2 meters, but loud FT-8 on 6 meters, at one point. Rig: FT-817 (2w) & self contained extendable Maldol AH-510R whip. Roads traffic was grotesque & XYL had a migraine headache all of Sunday. Other than these events, this was a normal contest event, but I did get on the air. Thanks to "CQ Magazine" for sponsoring this annual event, and especially to Bruce Horn, WA7BMN who manages the Cabrillo Manual Log Entry web site AND especially his "3830 Rumor Page" for a tremendous number of amateur radio contests!!!

WA6EJO SOAB CA DM04: Never heard so much activity in the CQ VHF contest!

W6ABM SOSB OR CN82: Operating from Pumice Point on the rim of Crater Lake at 6,250'

AL1VE SOSB 50 MHz DN02: Operated from the 9650' high Alvord Desert Overlook parking area on Steen's Mountain.
9650 ft parking area on Steen Mountain

Looking towards NW from Steens Mountain parking area on Steen Mountain
This was my first chance to try out a homebrew 5 element yagi paired with my TS-2000 at 100 watts. Not sure if it was the antenna or conditions, but compared to my last operation here my 50 MHz contacts were mostly single hops and not double hops like 2018. On FT8, I could see K7BWH and Seattle area stations seemed to be working many double hop stations. Next time I'll bring both the 3 el and 5 el yagis!
Not sure what type of propagation I was getting back into the Portland and Seattle areas as it was often short-lived and fairly weak. Possible Tropo or Scatter? FT8 has sure changed operating patterns. I have never worked so few SSB stations in a VHF contest before. Maybe 2 points should be awarded for 50 MHz SSB and FM contacts to encourage participation. If you're interested in working from Steen's Mountain drop me an email; you can't drive any higher than that with a regular vehicle in OR or WA.

K7BWH SOSB 50 MHz CN98: This is a check log because I used internet assistance that is not allowed by the rules. I drove to 6200' Fox Peak CN98vc to activate rare grid Square CN98 for grid chasers.This was camping on a knob for three days in the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington near Lake Chelan and Wenatchee. Operation was almost entirely 6m FT8 with high power and 6m5 antenna. Although we're nearing the end of the skip season, we enjoyed very good band openings across the country. Best contact was KP4AJ in Puerto Rico, 3600 miles.
For the entire period of Saturday through Monday I made 254 contacts in 124 grid squares. The 6m band was open to somewhere most of the time. It was very much a spotlight - generally a small region came in strongly. It sure was fun to own the band while working FN01-FN43, a double-hop to Pennsylvania-New Hampshire. Had good openings on 6m with strong signals, so I tried FT4 since it could vastly speed up contacts. But only one signal was found. FT4 is not "faster" if nobody is there.
Barry K7BWH and vehicle
The man, K7BWH and his machine.
K7BWH station location
K7BWH's portable set-up includes an LED floodlight on top of the mast.

Fox Peak Operationg Location
Fox Peak Operating Location at 6200'
K7BWH & evening campfire on Fox Peak
Friends Brian KJ4ZTP and Ed N7PHY relaxing on Saturday night on Fox Peak.