2021 ARRL January VHF Contest

39 Logs Received

Updated 2021-02-15
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K5QE * 77,490 STX LM ABCD 332 378 205 0 EM31 3
KE7SW 16,328 WWA SOHP ABCDEFGH 209 314 52 0 CN87 18
K7ND 8,554 WWA SOHP ABCDFGH 115 182 47 0 CN87 20
KC7OOY/R 7,714 OR RL ABCD 162 203 43 5 see details below 14
KE7MSU/R 7,020 OR R ABCDF 167 234 30 3 see details below 10
N7KSI 6,290 WWA SOHP ABCDF 124 170 37 0 CN86 14
K7YO 6,214 OR SOLP ABCDF 157 239 26 0 CN85 8
K7MDL 5,445 WWA SOHP ABCDEF 122 164 33 0 CN88 14
W7GLF 5,270 WWA SOHP ABCDEF 108 170 31 0 CN87 11
K7CW 5,124 WWA SOSB A 115 115 42 0 CN87 23
K0JJ 4,256 OR SOHP ABCDF 108 128 32 0 CN85 17
KI0E 3600 ID SOLP ABCDE 110 186 20 0 DN13 8
N7QOZ 2,541 WWA SO3B ABD 109 121 21 0 CN87 9
WA9BTV 2,376 WWA SOHP ABCDF 72 108 22 0 CN88 7
AL1VE/R 2,328 WWA RL ABD 92 97 24 3 see details below 13
N7MWV 2,322 WWA SOHP ABCDE 56 86 27 0 CN86 11
KG7P 2,156 WWA SOHP ABCDEF 76 98 22 0 CN87 9
KE0CO 1,914 WWA SOLP ABCDF 68 87 22 0 CN87 12
K7SMA 1,793 ID SOLP ABCD 118 163 11 0 DN13 5
NR7Y 1,456 OR SOLP ABCDF 78 102 14 0 CN85 7
VE7DAY 1,456 BC SOHP AB 51 55 26 0 CO70 14
VE7AFZ/R 1,254 BC RU ABCDEF 52 66 19 3 see details below 7
KX7L 1,088 WWA SOLP AB 68 68 16 0 CN87 13
K6UM 944 OR SOSB A 59 59 16 0 CN85 13
N0LL * 884 KS SOLP ABCD 29 34 26 0 EM09 2
N7NW 874 WWA SOHP AB 38 38 20 0 CN87 15
N7PHY 744 WWA SOHP AB 62 62 12 0 CN87 8
VE7HR 605 BC SOLP ABCDEF 39 55 11 0 CN89 4
KB7ME 480 OR SOHP ABCD 27 31 16 0 CN85 8
VA7RKM 455 BC SOLP ABDF 29 37 13 0 CN88 6
KD7HB 374 OR SO3B ABD 38 38 8 0 CN94 8
WA7BRL 304 WWA SOSB A 38 38 8 0 CN87 8
K7BWH 217 WWA SOSB A 31 31 7 0 CN87 6
KB7IOG 195 WWA SOLP ABCDF 22 39 5 0 CN87 1
N7DB 168 OR SOLP ABCD 21 28 6 0 CN85 2
W7TZ 104 OR SOHP AD 11 13 8 0 CN83 7
K7ATN/R 45 OR RL BD 7 9 5 2 see details below 2
VE7JH 44 BC SOFM AD 10 11 4 0 CN78 3
K7IMA/R 16 OR RL B 4 4 4 4 see details below 2

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 222 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1.2 GHz, G - 2.3 GHz, H - 3.4 GHz, I - 5.7 GHz, J - 10 GHz, K - 24 GHz, L - 300+ GHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates at the next PNWVHFS Conference TBD

Rover:  KE7MSU/R-OR
Limited Rover:  AL1VE/R-WA,  KC7OOY/R-OR
Unlimited Rover:  VE7AFZ/R-BC,  K7ATN/R-OR
Single-Op High Power:  KE7SW-WWA,  K0JJ-OR,  VE7DAY-BC
Single-Op High Power 50 MHz:  K7CW-WWA,  K6UM-OR
Single-Op Low Power:  KI0E-ID,  KE0CO-WWA,  K7YO-OR,  VE7DAY-BC
Single-Op 3-Band:  N7QOZ-WWA,  KD7HB-OR
Single-Op FM:  VE7JH-BC

Additional Information

AL1VE/R Rover Limited WWA:  Activated 3 Grids: CN78 CN88 CN87,  Worked PNW 13 Grids: CN73 CN84 CN85 CN86 CN87 CN88 CN89 CN95 CN97 CN98 CN99 DN06 CO70

K7ATN/R Rover Unlimited OR:  Activated 2 Grids: CN82 CN83,  Worked 2 PNW Grids: CN82 CN83

K7IMA/R Rover Unlimited OR:  Activated 2 Grids: CN82 CN83,  Worked 2 PNW Grids: CN82 CN83

KC7OOY/R Rover Limited OR:  Activated 5 Grids: CN81 CN82 CN83 CN84 CN85,  Worked 14 PNW Grids: CN73 CN74 CN82 CN83 CN84 CN85 CN86 CN87 CN88 CN94 CN95 CN96 DN06 DN17

KE7MSU/R Rover OR:  Activated 3 Grids: CN84 CN85 CN86,  Worked 10 PNW Grids: CN73 CN84 CN85 CN86 CN87 CN88 CN89 CN95 CN97 CN98 CN99 DN06 CO70

VE7AFZ/R Rover Unlimited BC:  Activated 3 Grids: CO80 CN89 CN99,  Worked 7 PNW Grids: CN77, CN78, CN86 CN87 CN88 CN89 CO70

K5QE LM EM31:  Operators: K5QE, N5YA, AF8Z, N5KDA, W5KDA, N5NU
We did poorly, because prop was poor all the way around. In addition, we had some really terrible QRN here for the entire contest. We will have to see how the June contests works out. That is the contest that I have done so well in the past. Maybe we can have the PNW conference this year???

N6ZE/R Rover DM04, DM03  After getting 3 pages of 9.5 yellowpad sheets into computer the power failed and may be out for 3 days in Thousand Oaks. Winds to 70 mph; and the anemometer cups broke off Davis weather station!! I did rove to various sites Ventura county, up in the Santa Monica Mountains, and Palos Verdes Peninsula on 6 - 1294, but no data modes. No openings here during contest. - No log submitted.

K7KQA SOHP DN06:  Just a quick shakedown from DN06gg. Great participation, regionally and in the wider world it seemed. I casually popped in and out. 50MHz: 43 MSK/FT8, 144MHz: 20 FT8, 4 EME, 222MHz: 4 FT8.
70 Q's without needing DVT treatment afterwards. Good enough and more importantly had some fun.
Highlights included:

  • Finally finding a good path to K7MDL/CN88
  • Working our long lost Texas member K5QE 2m EME One new 6m DXCC (DO20)
  • Working regional rovers Tim AL1VE/r and Mathew KC7OOY/r
Bummers included:
  • Did not work a single EWA section station in the contest. :(
  • Missing AA5PR for a couple new FFMA's. Couple missed EME Q's
  • More people needed on 222 digi/missed K7MDL on 222

Thanks for the fun and QSO's this past weekend! - No log Submitted -

K7MDL SOHP CN88:  After 4 years without a rotator, I installed a makeshift one for this contest. Because of HOA antenna restriction, had to hide my antennas from view. Friday night before the contest I built a ground mounted rotator setup with the intention of using it long term. Positioned under the back deck out of view. I can slide it out into the yard a bit for short periods and at night for contests stacking the 1296 antenna on top.

Of the levers I can pull, the antenna lever is very limited, but I can control power output and receive gain so I completed install of amps for 144, 222, 430 and 1296. Still barefoot on 50 and 903. Each amp has a LNA and all are installed outside so only a short cable run to the antennas. Add rotation and I can finally rack up some points. The 6M wire dipole in the peak of my attic proved to be as good as the 6M Moxon mounted near the ground. Rebuilt the old 2M amp into a 1KW amp using the W6PQL RF pallet an control board. Limiting that amp to 500W max due to antenna capability, RFI, and 120V AC power.

Finished the remote Arduino based RF wattmeter/Band Decoder. It's connected over ethernet and other than an RFI issue when 500W was pointed at it 20ft away, it worked great. Building in an external watchdog and beefing up the RFI protection on it this week. The 5 band transverter from Q5 has worked flawlessly outside with the amps since last October. Love that thing.

I am not sure I can reach Mt Rainier but I can now pick up some southern stations better than before in that direction. I found an odd bounce between Mt Baker and Mt Pilchuck for several Seattle area stations. After some antenna pointing work, VA7RKM reached as high as -2 on FT8 on 1296 here, bouncing off Mt. Baker. Pointing just south of Mt Pilchuck I worked K7KQA on 2M FT8 easily, good strong signals here. No go on 222 though same antenna here (144-1296 LPDA). W7MEM was also strong on 2M here. Tried to work VE7DAY multiple times and for the whole last hour of the contest. He was in here up to -6 on FT8 but no contact. After much effort made a contact on 1296 JT-65 with KD7UO.

I am planning to bring my rover capable truck back north in April and do rover trips in June and Sept contests. Looking forward to the simplicity of the 50W 5-Band transverter and IF rig and a few multiband antennas.

K7SMA SOLP ID-DN13:  Thank God for 2 meter simplex!   Ed Note -  Dan had a total of 61 Two meter contacts

KC7OOY/R Limited Rover OR  Friday started with the plan on checking out some spots listed on Barry's great rover resource page. Since I had my operation spots picked out for CN85 and CN84 I would use part of Friday looking for a spot in CN83. Many hours were spent looking and many locked gates were found. Finally finding a suitable spot for the CN83 operations I drove to Mary's Peak to see what condition the road to the summit was in. Relief, it was clear and un-gated to the summit.

Saturday morning I arrived at Bald Peak around 10:30 to meet Mark, KE7MSU/R setting up. This was my first ever time meeting another rover and always enjoy seeing others setups.

KE7MSU/R and KC7OOY/R on foggy Bald Peak CN85

After a good start and a couple of hours it was time to head south to Marys Peak(CN84). After a two hour drive and a quick bite to eat we reached the top greeted with sunshine and an inversion layer. Worked for three and a half hours working many stations including some locals on FM simplex. Finally got to give my new transverter a workout.

That evening I headed to my spot in CN83 and along the way stopped at an overlook with decent southern exposure, figured why not give it a try. Worked Jeff, KJ7JAL. S5 most of the time, both with great audio from our 9700's. Wished I would have given 432 a try, but it was time to drive.

Pulling on the freeway after a bite to eat in Creswell I was greeted by another new familiar voice. WA6OEM, Mike whom I had worked from Marys Peak. He was mobile about three miles in front of me. If only I had been quicker getting dinner. Had a nice chat with him and continued south to Spike Butte, CN83. I arrived there well beyond dark, but had a clear starry sky to stare at while setting up. Ended up working a couple more stations before calling it quits and crashing for the night. Early Sunday morning worked MSK144 and FT8, then a couple on SSB before packing up and heading south.

KC0OOY/R sunset on Spike Butte CN83 Inside KC0OOY/R rover vehicle radio set-up

The rest is becoming my regular routine. Park just off the freeway in Hilt (CN81), then north 30 minutes to somewhere on the Siskiyous (CN82). I had a blast this trip! Feels like everything finally came together and everything worked flawlessly with my setup. This was my first outing with the new mast, rotator, and rear seat operating position and I am sold. I can be working in under a minute from parking in the comfort of my vehicle. Only complaint is the mast while driving is 9'7" which means no Drive Thru's, which isn't a bad thing, really. Next up is adding a 902 and 1296, interfacing the antenna rotator with the computer and deciding on where to rove again!!

KX7L SOLP CN87:  This was certainly pretty active for a January contest. I got a late start, but one of my first QSO's was with KA6BIM in CN73, so that was a good start. There seemed to be some kind of opening to CA on Sunday afternoon, but wasn't solid enough for me to capitalize on. Had lots of fun though, thanks for all the QSO's!

N7DB SOLP CN85:  6M in CN85 area was more like last September. Seems almost the rest of the country had 50 MHz E's this time.

N7NW SOHP CN87:  I didn't work hard in this contest, but did work ZL7DX on 6 EME for a new DXCC. Looks like folks were having fun.

KI0E SOLP DN13:  This contest was the first contest I was able to make any long distance 2m contacts. My best was 464 km from DN13RN to W7MEM in DN17mr. I was ecstatic. I only had 50 watts from my FT-991a feeding into an old KLM LPD 2m beam at about 35 feet. Then a short while later I made a contact with K7KQA at 350+km. Didn't do as good as I would have liked on FM but I still did pretty well.

VE7HR SOLP BC:  I had fun. Stayed at home. Making good progress on Betty my soon to be rover vehicle. With luck in a couple months she will be ready to start mounting antennas. I have a few improvements that are booked and waiting for the shop to schedule me in. Have to finally decide on where Griduino goes. Not much dash space available. She is scheduled for her first trip off road this weekend. Only tried one MSK144 contact with Mark when he was in CO80. No joy. Enjoyed all the local stuff. Lots more participation than usual in CN89.

AL1VE/R Limited Rover WWA  It's been awhile since my last January VHF rove, so I put together a last-minute mini-rove. I really enjoyed the opportunity to pass out a few contacts plus it certainly was nice getting out of the house.

I started the rove in CN78 at the Kloshe Nanitch Lookout, which is near the gated North Point Lookout. In previous visits there I've had the place all to myself, but not this time. The small four place parking area was full 30 mins after arriving and all throughout the day the place attracted lots of hikers, ATV-families and even an engagement photo shoot. Guess I wasn't the only person looking to getting out of the house!

I've always found 50 MHz conditions there a little weird and this time wasn't an exception. Besides working local PNW stations I got quite a few FT8 decodes from stations throughout the western US plus a couple of CQ return calls from Brazilian stations. Unfortunately, none lasted long enough for a completed contact. Possible TEP??

CN78 smallish parking area at 2500 feet

I arrived early Sunday morning at Fort Flagler, in CN88. Luckily I was able to snag the best parking spot before most visitors arrived. Lots of park visitors and questions. Too bad answering visitor questions don't count as contacts! Ended the contest in CN87.

Things to review for last minute rover operation next time:

  • Make sure my power system's batteries are fully charged and not too old   - ( probably the cause for my power output problems )
  • Don't update WSJT and logging software just before the contest   - (who doesn't do this? )
  • Remember to bring the 50 MHz LFA driven element loop ends, each day of contest :   - (Sunday the "modified" antenna had a decent SWR, but I'm not sure about the pattern)
  • Next time check the contest times   - ( I stopped an hour early because I thought the contest ended at 03:00! )