2021 CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

21 Logs Received

Posted 2021-09-05
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CallsignSort ScoreSort RegionSort CategorySort BandsSort QSOsSort PointsSort GridsSort Rover
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K5QE * 49,343 TX Multi-Op AB 234 341 133 EM31 1
N7PHY 27,966 WA SOSB A 237 237 118 DN08 14
AL1VE 13,965 OR SOSB A 147 147 95 DN02 12
K7CW 12,118 WA SOSB A 163 163 73 CN87 20
K7MDL 5,863 WA SOAB AB 112 143 41 CN88 10
VE7DAY 4,080 BC SOAB AB 80 85 47 CO70 7
N7NW 3,696 WA SOAB AB 80 88 42 CN87 15
W7FI 2,822 WA SOSB A 83 83 34 CN87 15
VE7AFZ 2,200 BC SOAB AB 69 100 22 CN89 12
K0JJ 1,917 OR SOAB AB 55 71 27 CN85 10
KX7L 1,190 WA SOAB AB 56 70 17 CN87 9
KE7MSU/R 1,188 OR ROVER AB 50 65 18 2 see notes below 12
KB7ME 779 WA SOAB AB 33 41 19 CN85 8
KG7P 726 WA SOAB AB 51 66 11 CN87 7
N6ZE 636 WA SOAB AB 53 72 12 CN88 8
K7ND 504 WA SOSB B 28 56 9 CN87 9
WA9BTV 414 WA SOAB AB 27 46 9 CN88 6
KB7WSD 360 WA SOSB A 36 36 10 CN87 7
VE7OTC/R 312 BC ROVER A 22 39 9 2 see notes below 3
AF7GL 250 WA SOSB B 25 50 5 CN96 5
K7BWH 120 WA SOSB A 20 20 6 CN87 5

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates at the next PNWVHFS Conference TBD

Single-Op All Band:  VE7DAY-BC,  K7MDL-WA,  K0JJ-OR
Single-Op Single Band 50 MHz:  AL1VE-OR,  N7PHY-WA
Single-Op Single Band 144 MHz:  K7ND-WA

Additional Information

K5QE Multi-Op TX: 
Operators K5QE, N5YA, K5EEI, KI5MHB, KI5OKK, KF5LKG 

VE7OTC/r Rover BC:  Activated CN88, CN89
Worked PNW Grids: CN87, CN88, CN89
First time submitting a log for this. The Sat afternoon/evening was great, the Sunday drive was tiring. Added a 6m dipole under my 9el 2m Yagi boom. Not bad. Horizontal at least.

KE7MSU/R Rover OR:  Activated: CN84, CN85
Worked PNW Grids: CN74, CN84, CN85, CN86, CN87, CN93, CN94, CN95, CN96, CN98


This was my setup during the contest. I should have carried some bug nets as flying insects were conquering the summit. I did make 26 QSO. Most contacts were done on 5 Watts, but later had to swap radios and was doing 50 W for a bit to reach a rover station in CN85. Thanks all!

Operating portable on Norse Peak in CN96

Ham radio on Norse Peak
Ham radio on Norse Peak

N7PHY SOSB WA DN08:  Amazing late night opening to the east coast. Operated from site of former military radar station, 4600 ft, nice view of the horizon. 73! Ed N7PHY

KX7L SOAB WA CN87:  Saturday was pretty much just locals, but pretty good turnout of locals. Sunday started out the same, but we had some nice openings late in the contest to the Northeast, VE6, VE5, and even VE4 were worked or heard. Thanks for all the Q's!

N6ZE SOAB WA: CN87  Fun to operate both bands with QRP power and minimal antennae. Rabbits ears and 144MHz KQ mini loop inside house at 500' above Puget Sound. Best 2m DX (FT-8) W7EME in DN17: 252 miles.

AL1VE SOSB 50 MHz DN02:  Operated again from the 9650' high Alvord Desert Overlook parking area on Steen's Mountain. To say it was a bit more smokey this year than last was an understatement!

9650 ft parking area on Steen Mountain

This was my third year here for the CQ VHF contest. In 2019 I had mostly double hop contacts, for the 2020 contest I had mostly single hop contacts and this year I had an even number of both double and single hop contacts. This was the first time I've ever worked Japan and Puerto Rico on 50 MHz. I was completely stunned when my computer screen displayed 15 Japanese stations calling me at the same time.

Sunday just as New England stations started coming in, I lost my main power battery and had to limp by with 50 watts for the rest of the contest. This was also the fewest SSB contacts I have ever worked during any VHF contest in the last 23 years. How about awarding 2 points 50 MHz and 4 points 144 MHz CW, FM, or SSB contact.