2021 ARRL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest

August 7-8, 2021

8 Logs Received

Posted 2022-02-22
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K7ND 3,366 WA SOF CD9EFG 29 CN87qf 4
N7MWV 2,556 WA SOF CDE 20 CN86lt 3
VE7AFZ 1,279 BC SOF CD 5 CN89mg 4
K7ATN 1,187 WWA SOF CD9EF 15 CN85so 1
KB7IOG 789 WA SOF CD9EF 15 CN87re 2
N7DB 340 OR SOF CD 6 CN85uj 1
VA7OTC 243 BC SOF CD 2 see notes below 2
N7QOZ 24 WA SOF C 1 CN87sf 2

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: C - 220 MHz, D - 432 MHz, 9 - 902 MHz, E - 1296 MHz, F - 2304 MHz, G - 3456 MHz, H - 5760 MHz, I - 10 GHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates at the next PNWVHFS Conference TBD

Single-Op:    N7DB-OR,  VA7AFZ-BC,  K7ND-WA

Additional Information

Heard several other stations on 222 and 432. Used the LPDA from my balcony for the entire contest. It worked a bit better on 222 than I expected. I wasn't surprised about not making any Q's on 1296 with that antenna. I did manage to detect what I believe are a few more signals from the primary users of the 23 cm band (most likely due to the larger frequency range and broader beam width of the LPDA vs the loop yagis I usually use on that band.) Tried out some new gear and became re acquainted with some other gear I haven't used in a while. Thanks to the contest organizers and all who participated especially Chuck VA7UL. All in all a good contest for me despite the low QSO count.
Will hopefully make a better effort next year. (Hopefully will Rove to a decent location or will at least be able to setup multiple yagis on the balcony at home vs having to use the LPDA for multi band coverage for 222 and up.)

Pretty wretched contest. I had concerns (when don't I?), some that panned out, i.e. all my potential operating area this time would be inside the ARRL Club Territory. Nice, once I looked ;)
Saturday I drove up Skirt Mtn. (aka Bear Mtn. above Langford, "Western Communities" west of Victoria) to about 250m AMSL CN88fl, portable. At least I confirmed the site didn't have really any noise, had a great view, and gave me space to rig my drive-on/swing up mast. Did some ham PR.
Having recently discovered Rick, KK7B's 2016 Conference presentation on antenna design I'd shelved the Cheap Yagi plans, and a 222 antenna is still not built so used a whip for my FM rig. I had a 19-el 432 MHz one up on the FT-857 and . . . crickets. Managed two FM contacts as I called out one last time on 222. Then we hit up 446. Both across the Strait of Juan de Fuca near and west of PA.
Sunday I put on the coffee and put out a 7-el Arrow for 432 on the balcony, CN88hk. Eventually (and gratefully) Paul, WA9BTV worked me to confirm my rig functioned and there was someone on! We managed to complete as well on 222 FM which must've all been due his set up, not my unity gain discone.
So, done. Looking forward to the Sept. contest. Hoping to get some of the 6m ops I'm working on growing on the air for that.

Just on 223.5 & 432/446.0. Quiet for the first 1/2 hour then life appeared. Activity til abt 12:15, then quiet again. Shut down, had work to do on farm.