2021 ARRL September VHF Contest

31 Logs Received

Posted 2021-10-16
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K5QE * 129,241 STX LM ABCD 419 484 259 EM31 3
KE7SW 11,562 WWA SOHP ABCD9EFG 174 246 47 CN87 15
KC7OOY/R * 7,296 OR RL ABCD 125 152 48 8 see notes below 6
N7KSI 5,421 WWA SOHP ABCDE 102 139 39 CN86 16
N0LL * 4,312 KS SOLP ABCD 68 77 56 EM09 2
WA9BTV 3,752 WWA SOHP ABCDE 96 134 28 CN88 9
N7QOZ 3,476 WWA SO3B ABC 131 167 24 CN87 8
KE7MSU/R 3,381 OR RL ABCD 122 147 21 2 see notes below 10
AL1VE/R 2,304 WWA RL ABCD 84 90 20 4 see notes below 9
KX7L 2,250 WWA SOLP AB 76 76 31 CN87 15
KG7P 2,208 WWA SOHP ABCD9E 68 92 24 CN87 8
VE7DAY 2,205 BC SOLP ABCDE 59 63 35 CO70 10
K7MDL/R 2,159 WWA RL ABD 106 128 13 4 see notes below 5
N6ZE/7 2,033 WWA SOLP ABCD9 78 98 17 CN88 7
W7GLF 1,958 WWA SOLP ABCD9E 63 94 24 CN87 6
K7MDL 1,836 WWA SOHP ABCD9E 72 102 18 CN88 7
W7FI 1,416 WWA SOSB A 59 59 24 CN87 10
K7ND 952 WWA SOHP ABCD9EFG 30 56 17 CN87 7
AF7GL 924 WWA SOP ABD 51 66 14 CN96 9
K7YO 754 OR SOLP ABCD 44 59 13 CN85 4
K7CW 720 WWA SOSB A 48 48 15 CN87 12
VE7HR 624 BC SOLP ABCDE 33 48 13 CN89 4
NJ7A * 608 UT SOLP ABCD 29 32 19 DN30 8
N7DB 512 OR SOFM ABCD 51 64 8 CN85 4
KB7IOG 455 WWA SOLP ABCD9EFG 28 52 7 CN87 1
VA7RKM 420 BC SOLP ABDE 24 30 14 CN88 5
VA7OTC 344 BC SOP ABCD 32 43 8 CN88 2
KB7ME 288 OR SOSB A 18 18 16 CN92 3
W7TZ 70 OR SOLP AB 10 10 7 CN83 5
K1JFM/R 42 WWA RL B 7 7 4 2 see notes below 4
K7ATN 1 WWA SOFM B 1 1 1 CN96 1

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 222 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1.2 GHz, G - 2.3 GHz, H - 3.4 GHz, I - 5.7 GHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates at the next PNWVHFS Conference TBD

Rover:  KE7MSU/R-OR,  AL1VE/R-WA
Single-Op High Power:    KE7SW-WA
Single-Op Low Power:  VE7DAY-BC,  KX7L-WA,  K7YO-OR
Single-Op Three Band:    N7QOZ-WA
Single-Op Single Band  KB7ME-OR,  W7FI-WA
Single-Op FM:  N7DB-OR
Single-Op Portable:  AF7GL-WA   VA7OTC -BC

Additional Information

K5QE Multi-Op TX:  Operators K5QE, N5YA, KI5OKK, N5KDA, KV5W, K2EZ

K1FJM/R Limited Rover WWA:  Activated: CN87 CN88
Worked PNW Grids: CN87, CN96, CN97, CN98
Had to make quick trip to grocery store and the CN87/88 line is half way through the 6 mile drive. I also worked as N6ZE/7 for primary operation for this contest.

K7MDL/R Limited Rover WWA:  Activated CN87, CN88, CN97, CN98
Worked PNW Grids: CN85, CN86, CN87, CN88, CN89, CN96
Editor's note: Mike has also worked from his home in CN88 as SOHP.

KE7MSU/R Limited Rover OR:  Activated CN84, CN85
Worked PNW Grids: CN73, CN74, CN83, CN84, CN85, CN86, CN87, CN88, DN04

KC7OOY/R Limited Rover OR/CA:  Activated: CN80, CN81, CN82, CM99, CM98, CM97, CM89 CM88
Worked PNW Grids: CN73, CN74, CN82, CN84, CN85, CN87
Editor's note: Matt had a fine rover score, but a majority of his contacts occurred outside the PNW defined area.

Planned to operate both days, but ended up staying for 5 hours only. Morning was windy but turned out to be very pleasant weather by the start of the contest. Was able to stay in the 10 W limit, although may have missed stations because of this. Especially on 50. Used the IC-705 with 9 el. on 144, 18 el. on 432 and a dipole on 50 MHz. Elevation was just shy of 7000 feet. I regret not to call towards the E and SE although generally no stations in that direction.

Operating portable on Crystal Mountain in CN96

Ham radio on Crystal Mtn

AL1VE/R Limited Rover WWA:  Activated CN78, CN77 CN88, CN87
Worked PNW Grids: CN73, CN84, CN85, CN86, CN87, CN88, CN89, CN95, CO70, DN17
Due to prior family commitments I wasn't sure I would be out roving for the September contest. Friday I cobbled together a new operating position and lithium battery power supply without pre-testing, leaving the antenna mounting and feedline routing for the following morning. That turned out to be a BAD idea, and by early Saturday afternoon, in CN88, I was struggling to get all the bands working. Wondering if I should I head home or push on? I decided "what the heck", and headed off for CN77 and CN78.
I only managed to get 50MHz OTA from either grid, but luckily some local and few sporadic E stations were worked before heading home for the evening. Sunday morning I reworked the antenna system and headed off again for CN88. This time things were working normally. Later that afternoon I returned to CN87 for the remainder of the contest and I think I put more rf energy into the surrounding conifers than I did in anyone's antenna! Maybe when the January contest comes around I'll be better prepared!
I think I need a smaller main rig! Also instead of vertically stacking the 144 and 220 yagis I tried a support system made out of wooden closet poles cross-members. That idea still needs some additional work.

AL1VE radio stack and 220 and 144 antennas

Sweet mini-opening on six Sat evening.

This was a fun contest.

Another fun time. Ty

Thanks, got a late start and 6m only with a small beam on a short mast. Should have 6 and 2 meter beams (Innova LFAs) up on the tower by mid-September. All beams got trashed in the January 6 windstorm, which came through here like a freight train.

September VHF is usually a slow Contest here in the PNW. Thanks to the Rover and SOTA stations who add to this event.

Fun to work everyone. We even had a nice little opening to CA and AZ on Saturday evening. High point was working VE7REM/R in CO80 for a new grid.

Limited to one day, I went out portable to an in-town, drive up - Mt. Tolmie. First time I had a stack of three antennas on the drive-on mast. Was impressive with three runs of RG-8x and all antennas aligned for once. 222 was still a mag mount and I had to plonk it on the car side to help with horiz. pol for one contact. Good fun. Thanks to the Puget Sound folks for pointing my way and then running the lower bands.