2022 CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

16 Logs Received

Published 2022-08-28
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K5QE * 118,556 TX Multi-Op AB 454 554 214 EM31 0
W7FI 7,520 WA SOAB AB 141 141 47 CN87 17
K7CW 7,250 WA SOSB A 145 145 50 CN87 23
AL1VE 7,208 OR SOSB A 106 106 68 DN02 20
VE7DAY 3,640 BC SOAB AB 90 91 40 CO70 12
N7NW 1,782 WA SOSB AB 66 66 27 CN87 12
KX7L 1,536 WA SOAB AB 59 64 24 CN87 8
VE7AFZ 1,386 BC SOAB AB 56 63 22 CN89 7
N7QOZ 1,024 WA SOAB AB 42 64 16 CN87 7
W7TZ 897 OR SOSB AB 39 39 23 CN83 9
K7III 779 WA SOSB A 41 41 19 CN87 9
K7ND 648 WA SOSB B 27 54 12 CN87 11
KC7OOY 496 OR SOAB AB 24 31 16 CN82 8
N6ZE/7 256 WA SOAB AB 23 32 8 CN88 5
N7DB 162 OR SOAB AB 19 27 6 CN85 4

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates presented at the PNWVHFS Conference, Oct 8, 2022

Hilltopper: K7ATN - OR
Single-Op All Band:  W7FI - WA,  KC0OOY - OR
Single-Op Single Band 50 MHz:  K7CW - WA,  AL1VE - OR, 
Single-Op Single Band 144 MHz:  K7ND - WA

Additional Information

K5QE Multi-Op TX:  Operators K5QE, N5YA, KI5MHB, AF8Z, K5SAB, VE3WY 

KX7L SOAB WA CN87:  Activity seemed a bit lower than usual, but we did have a couple of nice openings, especially late on Saturday night into California. Thanks for the QSO's!

N6ZE SOAB WA: CN87:  Missed most of contest due to 1200 mile road trip on Friday and Saturday, but did manage a few QSO on Saturday night & Sunday morning. Most QSOs on FT8 low power with TV rabbit ears for 6m and KB6KQ Mini Loop for 2m. No E-skip noted. Thanks to "CQ" for sponsoring the Contest.

AL1VE SOSB 50 MHz DN02:  Operated the CQWW VHF contest again from the Alvord Desert Overlook parking area, elevation 9750', on Steen's Mountain. This was my fourth year here. Finally a year without smoke, but boy did the wind blow! Saturday night I had to switch from a 5 element 50 MHz yagi to my small six foot boom 3 element at 15' to keep from bending my mast.

AL1VE High points: This year instead of Japan and the Caribbean I copied and eventually worked a number of Mexican and Central American stations. Worked into southern Alaska and almost Hawaii. KH6HI was seen calling CQ on FT8 for almost 30 minutes, with signals up to +20, but never got a reply from my many replies and I finally worked VE7DAY from here! He was easily the most consistent copied station NW of me which probably had something to do with distance more than conditions. This outing I also copied a bunch of other VE7s and VE6s, but for some reason I couldn't get their attention.

AL1VE Low Points: Except for a couple of days this year, 50 MHz has acted as if someone had stretched a rf absorbing wall north and south along the Mississippi and that's pretty much how six meters played during this contest. Sure miss those double hops to New England and the southeast US that happened in the previous years.

AL1VE Really Low Points: Oh yeah, having COVID symptoms start after my first night on the mountain was a bummer. At first I thought all the mild symptoms were just a reaction to the altitude, but having driven that far I put off my covid testing till Monday. Hey, it's just one more thing I need to plan for when operating portable or roving!p>