2022 ARRL September VHF Contest

31 Logs Received

Posted 2022-10-01
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K5QE * 75,948 STX LM ABDF 302 366 201 EM31 2
KE7SW 8,569 WWA SOHP ABCDEFG 134 209 41 CN87 12
AL1VE 3,834 WWA LM ABCDE 104 142 27 CN87 9
N6ZE/R * 3,718 LAX R ABCDEF 110 169 22 1 DM04 0
N0LL * 2,976 KS SOLP ABCD 56 62 48 EM09 2
N7QOZ 2,970 WWA SO3B-AN ABD 101 135 22 CN87 7
K7ND 2,808 WWA SOHP ABCDEFG 65 117 24 CN87 7
KA7RRA/R 2,346 WWA RL ABCD 79 102 23 4 see notes below 5
VA7SC 2,260 BC SOLP-AN ABCDEF 71 113 20 CN89 6
W7MEM 2,244 ID SOHP ABCD 56 66 34 DN17 11
K7CW 1,917 WWA SOHP A 69 69 27 CN87 16
K7MDL 1,804 WWA SOHP ABCDF 56 82 22 CN88 8
VE7DAY 1,568 BC SOHP ABCDF 45 49 32 CO70 11
KG7P 1,458 WWA SOHP ABCDEF 53 81 18 CN87 8
VE7AFZ 1,261 BC SOHP ABCDEF 51 64 19 CN89 7
KG7PD 1,173 WWA SOLP ABCD 58 69 17 CN87 8
VE7HR 1,136 BC SOLP-AN ABCDEF 49 72 16 CN89 4
W7FI 1,092 WWA SOHP ABD 51 52 21 CN87 10
KB7IOG 988 WWA SOHP ABCD9EFG 39 76 16 CN87 4
N7DB 588 OR SOLP-AN ABCD 42 48 12 CN85 5
NJ7A * 500 UT SOLP ABDF 21 25 20 DN30 4
K7ATN 488 OR SOP-AN ABCDF 46 61 8 CN85 2
K7CPU 372 OR LM ABDF 27 31 12 CN95 5
VA7RKM 312 BC SOLP ABD 21 26 12 CN88 4
K7YO 224 OR SOLP ABCF 19 28 8 CN85 3
KE7MSU 184 OR SOLP ABCDF/td> 14 23 8 CN85 2
WA7BRL 168 WWA SOLP A 28 28 6 CN87 6
W7TZ 49 OR SOLP AB 7 7 7 CN83 6
N7PHY 30 WWA SOLP A 10 10 3 CN87 3
VE7VIE 30 BC SOP A 6 6 5 CN89 5

* = PNWVHFS Member operating outside the Society region. Not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.
** = Log received late, not eligible for PNWVHFS Awards.

Band Codes: A - 50 MHz, B - 144 MHz, C - 220 MHz, D - 432 MHz, E - 902 MHz, F - 1296 MHz, G - 2304 MHz, H - 3456 MHz, I - 5760 MHz, J - 10 GHz

PNWVHFS Award Winners

Certificates presented at the PNWVHFS Conference, Oct 8, 2022

Rover Limited:  KA7RRA/R-WA
Single-Op High Power:  KE7SW - WA,  VE7DAY - BC,  W7MEM - ID
Single-Op Low Power:  KG7PD - WA,  VA7RKM - BC,  K7YO - OR
Single-Op Portable:  VE7VIE - BC
Single-Op Low Power - Analog:  VA7SC - BC,  AF7GL - WWA,  N7DB - OR
Single-Op Three Band - Analog:  N7QOZ - WA
Single-Op Portable - Analog:  K7ATN - OR

Additional Information

KA7RRA/R Limited Rover - WWA :  Activated 4 Rover grids: CN98, CN97, CN87, CN88

NE6Z/R Classic Rover - LAX :  Activated 1 Rover grid: DM04
A few hours of operating relatively unsophisticated gear in 3 poor locations and 1 good location yielded pretty good results for me!

From my one good location in the Santa Monica Mts, I operated Low Power SSB on 6m, 2m, and 70 cm with mag mount vertical antennas; for 135cm, I operated Low Power on FM-only with a mag mount vertical antenna. For the 33cm and 23cm bands, I operated QRP with stock Alinco handhelds with Alinco-supplied whips.

From my 3 Conejo Valley locations, I used the gear described above, and I also operated SOTA style with only the ALINCO handhelds from Tarantula Hill in Thousand Oaks, a walkup trail which has obscuring mountain ranges in most directions. I did manage QSOs with a number of operators who belong to the four Ventura County radio clubs. I do hope that some of them will take the plunge and participate in future VHF/UHF events.

Last minute change of plans due to forest fires. Active only on Saturday for about 6 hours. Windy conditions, a cracked mast, and not the best propagation. Many station did not hear me even after raising power. Ended up operating only on 144, 432, 1296. Thanks for all the Qs!

Not a particularly good showing for me. No evidence of propagation in the "PACIFIC TRIANGLE". On the bright side, I caught a new grid.

This past weekend was typical of other September Contest's in many respects: relatively low activity. Saturday was tough in CN85 between the temperature,smoke and Gorge wind. So, with the dry air and wind, tropo was poor. Local activity was OK. K7CPU and K7AGL were up in CN95 and one reported hearing AL1VE, n/c here. Later in the afternoon KD1RX/r was on from Mt. Hebo. He reported condition were not great and decided to flick in in and head to Lincoln City.

Sunday, ah, much better. Still smokey, but the wind died down. WA6OEM picked a good day to go up on Mary's Peak. He got on about noon and in an hour and a half said he had 60 contacts. Impressive. Had a real good signal on the bands out here. He did get on 6M FM with one rig which did not RX that well. Switched to his other rig and was full scale on that mode here. My first 6M FM contact during a VHF Contest was with KA7FQP.

Another fun time.

Thanks for all the contacts.

K5QE Limited Multi-Op - STX:
Operators: K5QE,  N5YA,  KI5MHB,  K0AXX,  KC5HOZ,  N5KDA,  WM5L,  KF5LKG

K7CPU Limited Multi-Op - OR:
Operators: NR7Y,  K7AHR

AL1VE Limited Multi-Op - WWA:
The VHF contest happened the weekend before a family reunion, so my brother Ken KL7P, from Fairbanks and I decided operate a Limited Multi operation. Ken ran the 50 MHz station and I worked the upper bands from my stationary rover set-up. Because of the extreme wildfire conditions we decided to stay close to home. It had been 15 years since I last operated from Mt Crag and luckily we found the reported locked gate, unlocked. (Nearby Mt. Buck was our back-up choice)

Our biggest disappointment for the contest occurred Sunday morning. We decoded quite a few stations on 50 MHz MS, but not one heard us.

The high point was convincing another brother, Bill KG4UPN, to build a few simple VHF antennas; so we were able work him on three bands from his home near Tacoma. Sunday afternoon he surprised us with a visit to our site. He's still trying to buff out the streaks on the side of his truck.

If you're thinking of visiting Mt Crag site: Be forewarned that Forest Service isn't maintaining the road and the vegetation has made it quite narrow in spots. I had to widen the roadway in a few spots to make it past low branches.

Limited Multi-Operator stations on Mt Crag
We set up on a landing about 400' from the summit that provided plenty of room to set up several antennas, a tent and my vehicle.

Ken KL7P,  Tim AL1VE,  Bill KG4UPN